Saturday, November 3, 2012

What to do instead of diving into the story..

When is the last time you were excited about spending time with your friend or lover and they were either unavailable to distracted or just not showing up the way you had hoped? What's the result? You feel hurt, disappointed, angry? This happened to me last night, I showed up, made myself available and the other person was not available, apparently they did not get my internal memo and there I was left with my expectation. Well I felt the disappointment that's for sure, but I did not sulk, I did not dive into a story about how I wanted or needed the other person to stop what they were doing and make time for me, I did not get a resentment, I took a breath instead and took care of myself. Wow! 
I've spent so much of my life trying to get what I want, trying to get others to do what I wanted, go where I wanted, act like I wanted, give me what I wanted. It's exhausting I tell ya.. 

To develop this practice of relaxing when you get triggered and pause and go within to that quiet inner space of contentment and well being that is always available if only we can take 100% responsibility for our own experience. To have total clarity that we can empower ourselves by relying on our own inner presence of love whenever we can remember to do so. This is liberation!

What a revelation.. to have this clarity over and over.. My hurt, disappointment and resentments result directly from my expectations and not from what happens or does not happen. This is so liberating and allows me to drop all blame and habits of thinking that others need to be different for me to be happy. I can be peaceful and content in my realization of the presence of God, presence, love. When I can realize this loving presence is always here than truly I am not in lack. Then I can relax and let things be as they are, however I feel or whatever I think, the well being is always on. This is the key taking 100% responsibility for my own well being, no one can give it to me and no one can take it away. It's a big bonus too if I can remember to not take things personally, people do what they do, they show up or they don't, they are available for love and connection or they are not, they are sensitive and caring or they are not, but irregardless of what others do or don't do I can find my own ground, my own stability, my own well being.. then I'm truly free!

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