Monday, October 8, 2012

You are a hero!!

Do you feel like a hero? Do you see yourself as one.. well I'm here to tell
you that indeed you are!
I've been watching the tv show Heroes lately, underneath the entertainment
& drama there are some powerful messages I hear being voiced.

-We are special, we all have "special abilities", special gifts that set us 
apart and our "job" is to recognize this and use our abilities to serve 
and help others. When we are doing this it does not feel like work, we are
energized and inspired, not depleted.

-We are innately beneficial, we are here to benefit ourselves and others
(I've learned from my spiritual community) and nothing feels better than
this! I felt this strongly as a child, that I was very special, gifted, here for
something big, here to help and contribute!

-It's vital to have support & a community of others who recognize
their gifts and responsibility to know themselves fully and who "get that
we are innately beneficial" and we are here on the planet to benefit 
ourselves and to be of benefit to others!

-We have an opportunity to keep asking ourselves, "Who Am I really?"  
It's so easy to get caught up in the "limited descriptions" of who we 
think we are and the labels (I'm good because of this or I'm bad cause of that).
This is a detour away from the full realization of this dive into the question
"who am I' - and asking the question over and over, taking a moment to pause
and relax and reflect, is a way into discovering our infinite essence and the
capacity to see that what we are- is this awareness .. that is aware of 
everything but not contained fully in any particular description.

Asking the question is a moment to pause.. it is an invitation to rest as this
awareness and come to know ourselves as this.. (ok I'm going a bit beyond
what the message is from the tv show).

-what we discover when we keep asking the question "who am I"  
or "what do I really want" and focusing more on the deep asking is 
an infinite expansion and unending discovery into the divine essence 
of what we really are..  and who we are here to serve.

We are all heroes, we are all special, we are all empowered and have
access to this internalcapacity to know ourselves and access this wisdom
and clarity within. We have a choice in each moment to focus on this 
clarity of what we truly are (and to be supported by others doing the same)
rather than in the endless "drama" of the descriptions and stories of the happenings.

We have a choice to realize what we really are.. and to be guided from and live
from this realization.. Or we can go on getting caught up in all the descriptions,
the rights and the wrongs, the judgments, the opinions, the drama, and the result
is to be constantly distracted away (forgetting) from what we are really here to do..

Have you discovered your Super Power? Your very own Self?
I'd love to hear about it..

love and blessings,

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