Saturday, March 27, 2010

Are you ready to tell yourself the truth?

What if you could tell the truth all the time?

Imagine of you could tell yourself the truth, live in truth, be an expression of truth,
awaken from the delusion that you are separate from
others, from your source, and from all of life. Can you begin to get a feel for this now?

What if you could always recognize when you were deluding yourself or
creating a false sense or image and thinking that is what "you" are, or identifying
with a certain point of view or belief and thinking you were that viewpoint?

What if you had a practice that could easily and frequently connect with your core truth,
your depth, your essence and you could receive guidance and clear direction about what
wants to be expressed in this life called "you"?

Imagine if you could easily feel this deep rootedness to the ground of being.
If you felt a connectedness to all of life and directly sensed how "life" actually moved you,
lived you, providing guidance, nourishment, inspiration, passion, resources,
whatever was needed to fulfill it's own unfoldment.

What if you could begin to feel this current of life, how if moves and flows and there was a
deep surrender and allowing and feeling of ease of being as life revealed itself as you?

What if you began to realize that this sense of well being was the result of turning within
your own being and realizing wholeness, oneness and unity rather than endlessly seeking
to achieve, accomplish, or acquire things or experiences to get fulfillment and contentment.

Imagine if you truly knew who you were, at your core, and you knew absolutely that this awareness was your constant, what you could rely upon, rather than on things in the world that constantly change.

You would experience liberation, peace, deep contentment & joy.

You would be home.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The most important choice we'll ever make..

Each moment we have a most important choice to make. We can notice awareness and all that awareness is aware of; thoughts and feelings, our own breath, our surroundings, people and animals, life all around us, nature, and sensations in the body. We can also begin to notice- the stories in the mind, beliefs, conditioning, our tendencies to avoid, protect, zone out, even move into addictive behavior and unconsciousness in an effort to not feel pain or discomfort.

We can notice this field of awareness, it extends beyond the body, reaching out in every direction, up to the skies and down to the core of the earth. There can be a noticing that awareness is aware of so many things and within that are all points of view. This is a critical piece, if there is an awareness of this field, the within and the without, the sky and clouds, other divine beings, all of life, there is awareness of an infinite number of view points, perspectives, and possibilities.

We can begin to notice that when we are caught up in a story like- "this is wrong, this should not be this way, he/she should not be doing this, they should not be treating me this way, it should be different" that we actually collapse into a single view point, a "me" that is arguing with what is.

Each moment is an opportunity to choose to rely on awareness or to attach to a point of view and take the roller coaster ride of thoughts and emotions as we separate ourselves from everything and collapse into a viewpoint, letting the mind drag us around like a dog on a leash, story after story, drama after drama.

While we may have a habit to collapse into a point of view, thinking that we are that point of view, defending it like our very "life" depends on it. In actuality we are not a point of view, we are the field of awareness, our very essence is the awareness that contains all of life and as we practice noticing this there is a feeling of expansion, a ease of being, a relaxedness, a quietness. From this relaxedness we can access clarity and wisdom, our innate strength, a sense of our true self that we've been looking for all our lives.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stepping out of the story..

I listened to a friend talk today about death, one of her close friends had a child that died and she was talking about grief, fear about not being able to protect her children from harm and how difficult it was to deal with imagining losing one of her own kids.

I heard her create story after story after story, I listened as the mind jumped here, then there, opinion, belief, drama. After about 4 minutes she winded down and then she said, "I need help with this."

I replied... So you have a friend that had an experience. You have a friend that had a certain experience. I repeated it a few more times. That is what happened. That is all that is happening.

Then a thought about that occurs (fear, powerlessness, What If... ) and you may notice that an energy (emotion) arises in your body. So what if you could just stay here (let your hand hover over the front of your body from your chest to your belly). What if you could just be here (in your own body) just noticing what's here, sensation? holding? heaviness? contraction? without any commentary, labeling, or story from the mind.

Stepping out of the story and into awareness of what is arising in the body. Noticing what's here, as a sensation, making space and just being with what is here..

What I've found is that this is the very intimacy I've spent my whole life looking for .. out there..

When I say BE with what is here, what I mean is... imagine that you have a friend that is having a really difficult time, you want to BE with your friend, you don't have a problem with where they are, you are not trying to change anything, you are just going to sit down with your friend and bring your tender loving attention to your friend, just be present. That is how you want to BE with what is arising, the heaviness in your heart, the contraction in your gut, the blockage in your throat, whatever you find .. just be with it.. meet it, practice allowing what here to just be here.

As we do this.. usually we start to notice a bit of relaxation, a deeper breath, so we let awareness notice this.. let awareness drop deeper into the body, coming back to ourselves, into the stillness within, discovering our ground, the ground of being, our own depth. So we notice this..
This internal ground of being, this stillness within, is what we actually want, this internal sense of calm and peacefulness. This is the space we want to live from, move from, parent from.

So the invitation is to just practice several times a day, notice what is here (especially when we are triggered or activated) and meet it, stay in the body, be very intimate with what is actually here (rather than what the mind says about what is here).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

falling into the mystery...

So often folks who've been confused by early religious experiences have such issues with the word God, it's loaded with concepts and misunderstanding. So we refer to our essence as creator, higher power, spirit, infinite intelligence, the great mystery. What I've discovered it that the less we describe it, the better. All descriptions are just like a finger pointing at the moon, they are concepts of what the mind can not actually grasp. So it seems we just keep throwing out our old out dated ideas of what this mystery is and then we come up with new better descriptions, until we don't need to anymore and we just rest in that which is indescribable.

This is the invitation, to simply sit in the silence, silence being defined as not the absence of sound, but the absence of self. No self concept, no concept, no following thoughts, just resting in this not knowing. Sitting quietly and dropping deeper into the mystery, deeper into ourselves, deeper into not knowing, into discovery on a sensory level, into sensation, into the body, into this field beyond right and wrong, beyond conditioning, beyond the beyond.. and resting there.

The invitation is to discover the ground of being.. our true nature, empty, still, present.. and simply rest ...