Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can you feel your Ocean ness?

In the game of life it often seems that we play the game of thinking that we are waves and forgetting we are truly the ocean itself. I spent the day today up in Ojai at our new home. It is a lush paradise of eucalyptus trees, bamboo and green all around with waterfalls, coy pond and birds singing their songs..

Deep relaxation is easy here, i actually took a nap in the hammock by the pool. Sitting in the garden listening to the water flowing I breathed deeply remembering the ocean of being that I truly am.
Much of the suffering of the separate self is identifying and absorption in form, believing that i am a wave, staring at the shore and forgetting that the wave is merely an expression of the whole, forgetting that the wave is really the ocean itself. Deep relaxation is the practice of remembering, the glancing backward at source.. ocean rather than only at the shore of expression.

The day was full of celebration... early morning run taking in the beauty of the landscape, drumming circle at midday and watching the kids play in the fountain and hula hooping in the park. I watched my 7 yr old beat his dad 2 games of horseshoes, clearly delighted. We ate a beautiful dinner in community and soaked in the jacuzzi under the night sky watching a shower of shooting stars.

As darkness descends all around, the crickets are singing, the waterfall is flowing and I am feeling the ocean, the source of all of life, in the trees, the waterfall, the silence.. breathing in all that moves and all that is still.

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