Monday, June 21, 2010

ever get stuck in a story..

So there was this incredible opening in the heart a few weeks ago, it was big, a clear seeing that the love that i was looking for in life, in others was right here, the fabric of my being, it was what I AM. Some armor fell away, protectiveness from the past no longer needed. The energy of the loving energy seemed to emerge from the core of the earth, coming forth like a geyser, unbridled and fearless. The expression of love that came pouring out was unconcerned about protocol or social rules.. for so many years there had been an inability to really fearlessly expose this loving essence, to be so vulnerable, so out on a limb, to risk not being received, met, loved back. All these concerns were no more..

This realization of being the love, being the loving continues.. it's been some adventure and boy so many purifying tears have been shed.
A few things being noticed...
This expression of loving seemed like a fire hose at times, creating a flood, drenching whoever might be in its path.
It seems that there are always these stories arising which create internal drama and delusion when they are believed ..
I am the love, so much is possible here now, it could look like this (scenario comes into mind). This is destiny, to express the love here now with you. So much healing is possible, love can finally be expressed fully expressed.
The story really focused on primary relationships where there were major blocks and suddenly there was an idea of how they could be healed, what was possible there..

What is being seen more clearly today is that these are viewpoints and there are other viewpoints that are equally valid. No viewpoint is true or false, all are just perspectives, not to believed and followed, but to be noticed by awareness as a viewpoint. When there is a calapsing into one viewpoint and it is identified with, perspective gets very small and limited and suffering is coming, it feels like infinity climbing into a tiny box, it's cramped and finally at some point it unhooks and there is this climbing out of the box, AHHHH.
From the perspective of Presence or awareness is "the big view" - which contains infinite viewpoints, all noticed, all equally valid but none believed, followed or identified with.

So the heart is open here, love can easily flow through, but some folks may not want to be flooded, thank you very much. They may not be feeling it, not open to receive and frankly more than a bit uncomfortable and shocked at having the firehose turned on them.
Relationships can run their course, maybe there is not an opportunity to go deeper, maybe it is done. This is a particularly challenging when it comes to marriage and especially when there are young children, there is very dense conditioning here and seeing clearly can be almost impossible when there is one viewpoint being identified with.
So all of this coming clear, in this moment there is an infinite view available, no agenda or ideas of how anything, any relationship should look. There is a noticing that whenever the question arises, "Is the love here, is it present? " and there is an internal looking the answer is always YES!
As the thoughts arise and they always do.. awareness notices them and the moment to moment practice is to question every belief... is that true? how do i feel if i believe that? how do i behave when i believe that thought? where do i feel that in my body? who i am without believing or following or identifying with that thought? thanks byron katie!!

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