Monday, March 4, 2013

"the solution" is the same no matter what the "situation"is

It's amazing how "the solution" is the same no matter what the "situation"is..

Just thinking about all the calls and texts this I got this week.

Here's the summary - how do I deal with all my resentments about my mother, they are hurting me? How do I connect with my daughter so she will talk to me, I want to offer her greater support? What can I do to deal with this fear I have about my finances? What can I do about how closed I feel sexually, how can I be more open? How can I be more confident, my business and relationships are suffering because of my self doubt and lack of self confidence? What can I do to reconnect with my spouse, we are bickering constantly and it's driving my crazy.                          

It's the same response to all of these.. stop thinking for a moment, relax and come into your body. notice what is here now, allow what is here to be here fully and meet it with love, acceptance, & tenderness, over and over and over again....  

In dropping into the body, noticing sensations, we drop out of the busy busy mind with all of it's opinions.. you can Find Your Center, find your ground.                                            

The solution is to NOT to think more, talk about our thoughts  more, analyze or try to figure it out. The solution is to rest as awareness, come back to your Self, this ground of being, really present with ourselves, this is where we find our wisdom, our clarity, our sanity.

To live from your center, grounded in yourself, in the dedication to this practice of bringing our awareness back to this moment and relaxing. Committing oneself to radical approval of what is.... is the way to go, noticing that we are the openness and relaxing more and more into this.. in this practice we find contentment with life as it is.. AND the inspiration to live from our fullness, in our highest expression, of the highest benefit to ourselves and others!

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