Tuesday, March 2, 2010

falling into the mystery...

So often folks who've been confused by early religious experiences have such issues with the word God, it's loaded with concepts and misunderstanding. So we refer to our essence as creator, higher power, spirit, infinite intelligence, the great mystery. What I've discovered it that the less we describe it, the better. All descriptions are just like a finger pointing at the moon, they are concepts of what the mind can not actually grasp. So it seems we just keep throwing out our old out dated ideas of what this mystery is and then we come up with new better descriptions, until we don't need to anymore and we just rest in that which is indescribable.

This is the invitation, to simply sit in the silence, silence being defined as not the absence of sound, but the absence of self. No self concept, no concept, no following thoughts, just resting in this not knowing. Sitting quietly and dropping deeper into the mystery, deeper into ourselves, deeper into not knowing, into discovery on a sensory level, into sensation, into the body, into this field beyond right and wrong, beyond conditioning, beyond the beyond.. and resting there.

The invitation is to discover the ground of being.. our true nature, empty, still, present.. and simply rest ...

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