Saturday, March 27, 2010

Are you ready to tell yourself the truth?

What if you could tell the truth all the time?

Imagine of you could tell yourself the truth, live in truth, be an expression of truth,
awaken from the delusion that you are separate from
others, from your source, and from all of life. Can you begin to get a feel for this now?

What if you could always recognize when you were deluding yourself or
creating a false sense or image and thinking that is what "you" are, or identifying
with a certain point of view or belief and thinking you were that viewpoint?

What if you had a practice that could easily and frequently connect with your core truth,
your depth, your essence and you could receive guidance and clear direction about what
wants to be expressed in this life called "you"?

Imagine if you could easily feel this deep rootedness to the ground of being.
If you felt a connectedness to all of life and directly sensed how "life" actually moved you,
lived you, providing guidance, nourishment, inspiration, passion, resources,
whatever was needed to fulfill it's own unfoldment.

What if you could begin to feel this current of life, how if moves and flows and there was a
deep surrender and allowing and feeling of ease of being as life revealed itself as you?

What if you began to realize that this sense of well being was the result of turning within
your own being and realizing wholeness, oneness and unity rather than endlessly seeking
to achieve, accomplish, or acquire things or experiences to get fulfillment and contentment.

Imagine if you truly knew who you were, at your core, and you knew absolutely that this awareness was your constant, what you could rely upon, rather than on things in the world that constantly change.

You would experience liberation, peace, deep contentment & joy.

You would be home.

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  1. as always, thank you...the only constant is the core...the core that holds all perspective and is not separate...thanks!