Monday, December 7, 2009

React or Respond?

full abandon
surrender to it fully
no resistance to what's here
had to know...

what is so?
what's true? what's real?
we are so obsessed with the trivial
if I desire... desire
if I want... want
be with what is here..

ask what do i want? why?
go with it in inquiry... go for the ride... in inquiry
see where it takes you..

if you seem to have a choice
take it.. the backwards step within...
either that or you follow the mind... into the story
into the insanity, reactivity, crazymaking...

liberation is a question away..
what is true? what is real?
this dissolves the story, the drama, the illusion

this is the practice.. sit down and ask yourself
what do I know to be true about this situation?
Let the question take you deep into yourself,
out of the conditioned mind, into reality...

If you are ready to take a leap into truth...
If you want liberation from the stories that have
been running your life for as long as you can remember...
If you can YES I am committed to the deepest level of self support
I am available for private sessions to assist and invite
you to move from reactivity to response in all areas of your life..

You can contact me at to schedule a call.

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