Thursday, February 4, 2010

Been stopped lately??

Have you noticed how Life stops you? It may be in an airport having missed a flight... sick in bed or in a doctors office.. or just opening your mail.. and you get stopped. For some period of time you are not going to be moving, doing, your plan of action is halted. Once one stops fighting, resisting or complaining there is this settling down period, maybe even a deep breath. Often at that point I'll notice deep emotion; frustration, sadness, grief even and I'll start to look at how it shows up in the body - tension, holding, heaviness or density in the chest or belly. For a brief time there is a conscious allowing for whatever is here to just be here, just noticing what is here and meeting it as a sensation in the body.
Awareness seems to have shifted from being totally consumed with the situation "out there" (and how much I don't like it) to just noticing what is arising in the body right now, sensations, movement, tension, tingling, whatever. There is curiosity about feeling the "energy body", seeing how it moves, how the nervous system deals with the energy that arises. I am the awareness that is noticing what is here in this energetic system and as it is allowed, there is eventually relaxation and resting and a descending into stillness and spaciousness.
As a result of "being stopped" I notice that "I" am back to the natural state, there is a sense of calm and a feeling that All is Well and everything is unfolding as it is and suddenly the problem that was so objectionable before is remarkably not a problem at all..

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