Friday, October 16, 2009

Spiritual Evolution in our day to day lives...

This years theme at Burning Man was Evolution..
I had a great time going through the Burning Man website and talking with my kids about
Evolution, Darwin, natural selection and how as a species we are evolving and how we are not ....

Recently I listened to a talk about and the speaker talked about how to live an evolutionary life.. he said we had to be willing to live in ....
Profound Receptivity & Radical Uncertainty.

I've been meditating on this and inquiring deeply on these ...

What is profound receptivity?
-saying yes to what is..
-non resistance to what is happening...
-non judgment

Eckhart Tolle says these are the expressions of Enlightenment..
non reaction, non judgment, non resistance...

It is stepping soundly into the experience of discovery and curiosity..

Saying yes to radical uncertainty....

I hear myself saying many times each day..
truthfully I have no idea... really I don't know...

there is a deep noticing that the spiritual agenda is in direct opposition
to the agenda of the ego... to stay safe and secure, play small, don't risk,
stay in the known, certainty, focus on me, me, me.. very primitive survival stuff..

There is a daily commitment to :
-letting go of the habit of blaming and stepping into radical self responsibility
-letting go of small short term seeing and opening to larger long term visioning
-moving from being driven by personal petty fears and desires to being moved from higher aspirations
-focusing on serving the greater good rather than on self
-being more interested in expansion and discovering the unknown than in staying in what's familiar
letting go of the habit of wanting to feel safe and secure to embracing insecurity as the source of vitality and aliveness
-evolve, change, expand and grow daily as we stay open to infinite possibilities

Are you asking yourself daily where you are in this evolution?
Is your life inspiring others in their own evolution?

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